UPDATED 2/7/2019

I Made With Love

I Made with love is where you can find pieces made with love by fantastic sellers and Fair Trade groups and organizations.

Is there really a difference between someone making art vs an artist pouring their heart and soul into their piece? Absolutely it doesn’t matter if you’re a collector or first-time buyer if your spending your hard earned money on anything than you deserve an item made with love for you, your family and friends.

Art can be anything, if a artist creates a piece with their love showing in their work then they can list it on www.imadewithllove.com.

Starting in February 2019 I Made With Love started offering Products from Fair Trade groups and organizations. This is a fantastic way to help artist work together to compete with big business while making a good living.

If you put love into every piece you create and would like to share your pieces on www.imadewithlove.com please review our sellers terms and conditions HERE 

Once you have reviewed our seller terms and conditions you can apply to share your pieces on www.imadewithlove.com HERE

All of us at I Made With Love would like to thank you for stopping by.