Where is my order?

You can query the status of your order at any time in My orders in the My account section.

How can I exchange or return an item purchased online?

Please review each Artist exchange and returns policies, Depending on what your item is it may also contain a return and exchange policy. If you are not sure on a Artist policies please contact them before ordering.

Can I cancel or change my order?

At the moment, it is not possible to cancel or change your order because we prepare your order once you confirm it on the website. You can contact each seller dirctly to disuss canceling or making changes to you order.

I have a promotional or discount code. How do I use it for an online purchase?

When you arrive at the order summary*, click on ‘Promotional code or gift voucher’.

*Only one Gift voucher or promotional code may be used per purchase. Unless other wise noted by I Made With Love or our sellers.

What are the delivery types?

The delivery dates and charges depend on the type of delivery. In most cases depending on the location of the buyer and seller, your item will be shipped via USPS or equivalent postal service depending on where your seller is located.

How can I pay for my purchases?

You can choose between various payment methods:


Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. All payments will be charged in real time.


To pay via PayPal, select this payment method and click on ‘Confirm payment’. You will then be redirected to the PayPal website to proceed with the payment.

I have not received all the items in my order. What should I do?

Check your e-mail to see whether we have sent you an e-mail informing you that one of the items in your order is not available. In this case, we will refund you the corresponding amount for this item and the delivery expenses via the same payment used for the purchase.

If you have not received any e-mail, contact your seller and they will we reply to you as soon as possible.

The items received are incorrect or are defective. What should I do?

If you have received an item which is defective or different to the one purchased, contact your seller as soon as possible so the issue can be addressed.

Are the items included in the shopping basket reserved automatically?

No, an item in the shopping basket does not reserve it or guarantee its availability. Some much-in-demand items may go out of stock before you confirm your purchase despite being available when you added them to your shopping basket.

Which countries will I Made With Love ship to?

You can currently shop online anywhere in the world but it is up to the individual seller to decide to which country they ship to. The only exception is every product must be made available to anyone from the Unites States. Due to some items being to fragile to ship or to large to use standard shipping the only available option may be for the buyer to pickup or arrange shipping at their own cost.