How do I get paid? What are my options?

You can set your payment option by going to your Store Manager – Settings – Payment or head to and choose Payment.

Once you’re in the Payment setting simply choose your desired method. You have three option explained below.
PayPal – If you choose PayPal enter your PayPal email and once your sold product is marked as completed you can request your funds and they will be transferred to your PayPal account.
Cash – If you choose this method you will receive a check via mail to the address you have on file unless your request another special form of payment like MoneyGram or Western Union in which case you will be responsible for all fees involved and it will be deducted from your payment.
Stripe – Choosing Stripe allows you to receive your funds deposited to you bank account or stripe account.
IF you are in the USA and choose Stripe you can receive your funds immediately at the time of sale to your Stripe account.

How to setup and manage your stores SEO and social media sharing?

This is one of the most important things you need to setup so search engines will show your store properly in search results. But it is also how your store will show up when you or someone shares it on social media.

By default when someone shares your store it will show image of I made With Love and a small text saying your store name. It does not show your store or say anything to help drive traffic to your store.

Lets get our SEO setup

  1. On the menu hover over SELLERS then choose STORE MANAGER
  2. Once your in your Store manager click on Settings and then choose SEO 
  3. Now we are in our SEO section and all we need to do is fill in the sections and upload pictures of what we want to show when we share our store.  
  4. Save and done
How to setup and manage shipping

Shipping is very much essential for any e-commerce site.

I Made With Love Marketplace will give you the most flexible and powerful shipping management system for your store.

Stores can allow 3 types of shipping the best suite your needs:

1 Shipping By Country

2 Shipping By Zone

3 Shipping By Weight

Shipping By Country

You can access own shipping settings from Settings -> Shipping.

You must enable shipping and select Shipping by Country

The in shipping by country settings you can set 3 different types of default cost.

1 Default Shipping Price: this will be the base shipping price of all the products of the stores irrespective of countries and states.

2 Per Product Additional Price: This cost will we applied to every second type of product from your products in the cart.

3 Per Qty Additional Price: This cost will be applied to every second quantity of the same product of the seller which is present in the cart.

All this cost can be set to zero simply by leaving these fields blank.

The other default fields are.

1 Processing Time: The time in which the you usually process the shipping.

2 Ships from: The country from where you ship your products.

These two fields do not affect the shipping costs.

Sellers can set the shipping price for each country selecting the country name from each dropdown. The number of country selection box can be increased by clicking the plus sign in the bottom of the country selection box.

Shipping price for states of individual countries can also be entered by selecting the state names from State Shipping Rates box and entering the shipping cost of the respective states. The number of state selection box can also be increased per country by clicking the plus sign in the bottom of the state selection box.

When the customer adds the product of the seller in the cart the shipping cost for the seller will be calculated according to the shipping country selected by the customer.

Shipping By Zone

In the shipping by zone, the seller can Choose multiple shipping methods for each zone. Like Flat-rate and free Shipping for Asia and only local pickup for Europe.

To enable zone wise shipping the seller needs to select Shipping by Zone from the Shipping Type drop-down.

When Seller edits each zone in the zone-list. The zone details will be presented from where the Seller can limit the zone according to country, state, and postcode.

Clicking the Add Shipping Method Link a popup will be presented to add the shipping method.

The Shipping methods which can be added are:

1 Flat Rate

2 Free Shipping

3 Local Pickup

The Shipping Methods can be edited/deleted/ Toggled on or off

On editing each Shipping method the cost and other details of the shipping method will be presented to the seller for editing.

The seller can enter the cost of each sipping method zone and region wise.

For the flat rate shipping method vendors can also enter shipping class costs for each zone below the default flat rate shipping cost. This costs will be added to the default flat rate cost if a product with the particular shipping class is added to the cart.

Sellers can assign a product to a shipping class from this section in the add product page.

Shipping By Weight

A seller can access own shipping settings from Settings -> Shipping. The sellre has to enable shipping and select Shipping by Weight to enable by weight shipping.

After enabling shipping by weight. The vendor will bet the settings to set the rules of weight and costs per country.

For each country they select the will be able to enter:

1 Default cost: The cost that will be applied to the seller’s shipments if the weight falls in no matching rules.

2 The weight cost rules: In this, the seller will be able to select weight rule( more than or up to), weight unit( the actual weight for which the rule will apply) and the cost for the rule.
For example: If the seller selects,
Country- India
Default Cost: 50RS
Weight Rule – Weight up to
Weight – 10kg
Cost – 30RS
Weight Rule – Weight up to
Weight – 20kg
Cost – 40RsThen if a customer from India has 3 products from the seller in the cart, and their if total weight is
1-10kg – Shipping  will be RS 30
11-20kg – Shipping  will be RS 40
>20kg – Shipping will be RS 50 (from the default cost)

Feel free to share any suggestion you have in mind!

Can I Made With Love sell my pieces for me?

I Made With Love can work with you to list your items. The process is quite simple 🙂 You can send information on each item like image, description and price along with any shipping charges you will be charging and we will list your item.

Once your piece sells we will contact you with shipping details and once the order is ready I Made With Love will send your payment for the piece via your requested method.