Updated 2/1/2019

Thank you for your interest in becoming a seller on I Made With Love. You will notice right away that we don’t have 10,000 rules and regulations.  I Made With Love wants artist that makes their pieces with love, below are some guild lines to see if you qualify.

  • Do you Love what your doing?
  • Do you develop emotions while your creating and shipping your products.
  • Do you put 110% of your self into every single piece.

If this sounds like you then you will fit right in with our family, but if any of the below explains you then we are not an option for you.

  • Do you work as fast as you can to make as many things as you can to make money?
  • Do you mass produce your items?
  • Are you making things just for a hobby?
  • Have you been making pieces for yrs but now your just worried about selling your work at a premium?

The point is if you have been making bowls for 30 years and you only make them because you know you can make money but you not really into the process, then you don’t put love into your work. Putting love and having a good work ethic is not the same thing.

If you enjoy everything from picking out materials to every step of the process of making your piece. Than once your piece is complete and you truly loved the entire process and your happy with your piece. When all these things line up, you have put love into your piece and you can know that your client / customer will see that you put your love into it for them.


I made with love simple pricing!

6.9% (+) .30 per transaction when your product sales.
We set one fee so you can manage your business and not worry about how much you made because what category or the amount that your item sold for.
With I Made with love one simple fee for every single order 6.9% and a .30 transaction fee

This fee can will be adjusted lower based on your sales and you maintaining good standards and practices.

Compare our fees to Etsy to see your savings.

Etsy fees
.20 list
5% transaction fee
3% payment processing
.25 payment processing per transaction
8% (+) .45 not including any other fees or subscriptions


I made with love pricing
6.9% (+) .30 per transaction

Shipping location

It is up to the individual seller to decide to which country they ship to. The only exception is every product must be made available to anyone from the Unites States. Due to some items being to fragile to ship or to large to use standard shipping the only available option may be for the buyer to pickup or arrange shipping at their own cost.

Shipping Fees

I Made With Love will collect shipping cost based on what you have chosen to charge in the listing process.  You can also set your shipping by going to your Store Manager > Settings > Shipping

All shipping fees will be send to you along with the selling price and taxes upon order completion of the order.


You are responsible for collecting and paying any taxes associated with your sales. I Made with love will charge taxes based on the buyers address. All taxes we collect will be sent the to seller along with the purchase price and shipping fees upon completion of the order.

Your Money

If you decide to receive your money via PayPal then you will be responsible for any fees they may charge you to receive funds. I Made With Love will never charge a fee to receive your money. You can choose to have a manual payment (check) that you can deposit in your bank to avoid Paying PayPal Fees if you like.